Our Program

The Bethany House operates on the premise that each woman who seeks out services is a woman of dignity and worth, capable of solving her own problems and possessing the ability to regain control of her own life.  We offer a minimum six month stay as experience has shown this most successful.  Our 12-step program based upon Alcoholics Anonymous helps addicts and alcoholics make connections with others in their recovery.  Residents must attend AA and/or NA meetings.  We provide the structure and tools needed to build new lives and new bonds with others recovering from alcohol abuse and drug addiction.


As Bethany House we pride ourselves in focusing on each woman on an individual basis.  Our staff members have devoted themselves to helping others achieve their goals in sobriety and confront their problems.  This helps us genuinely relate to the overwhelming issues the absence of alcohol and drugs may present in their new beginnings.  Additional counseling and health services are available through local providers.  Alcoholism and substance abuse know no boundaries in age, social class, religion, education or environment - nor do we.